But Wait There’s More! Super Bowl Favorite Eats

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       It just wouldn’t be the Super Bowl in our house without our two favorites; pizza and wings! Years ago whenever a crowd gathered at my house for any occasion I had the ridiculous notion that I had to make everything that was served, by myself, from scratch! Well thankfully I came to my senses fairly quickly! I now pick a couple of things to make and decide where to pick up the rest.I leave to the experts the things they do better, I still make a  few specialties but I’m not so overwhelmed that I can’t enjoy my own get together, it’s a win-win for everyone!

   I remember when my parents entertained they would set out to pick up what they needed and were gone most of the day!. It usually involved about a half dozen different stops, there was a different shop for each item on their list. We are very fortunate here in the Hudson Valley that the very best pizza just so happens to come from the same restaurant that makes the very best wings, Score! You might wonder if I am a tad biased because this is my son’s business… however I am compelled to honor my self imposed title as “The Hudson Valley Foodie” and therefore cannot lie about food! 

   Of course I’m talking about Joey’s Pizza which is located in the Dunning Farm’s Plaza in Middletown, NY. Once again this year they were voted by the Times Herald Record Reader’s Choice Award as having the best pizza in the Hudson Valley, and with good reason. The pizza, all 80 varieties of it, is fresh and homemade using an old family recipe. In fact, most of the recipes are old family recipes… and the reason I know that is because it’s my family! 

   They also accommodate different dietary preferences including gluten free and dairy free (vegan friendly) using Daiya Cheese. They make a whole wheat crust option that’s amazing! Every pizza is made to order exactly the way you want it. I love the calzones, Stromboli, sausage rolls and garlic knots too but for this trip I’ve decided to get pizza and wings.

    There are 7 varieties of wings;

  • Hickory BBQ
  • Hot
  • Volcanic
  • Mild
  • Teriyaki
  • RanchProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
  • Roasted Garlic      

              According to Frank Muccari, Chef at the restaurant and son to this blogger :-), mild wings are the most popular. In the pizza category the classic cheese pizza is wildly popular and of the gourmet varieties it’s a tie between the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza and the Eggplant Pesto Pizza. My favorite is the whole wheat crust with sauce, Italian sausage and grilled onions. We also love the Eggplant Parm Pizza which has fresh grilled eggplant, sauce, creamy ricotta cheese and mozzarella, so good! When I have company coming I like to order a classic sauce and cheese pizza as well as several of the gourmet pizzas and have the slices double cut, this way my guests can taste a variety of different kinds of pizza. They also make a focaccia which is a double thick crust topped with their fresh made pesto and plum tomatoes. It is best at room temperature so it’s perfect for the long game as it doesn’t need to be kept hot.

  So now it’s time to run home and get ready for some great commercials,and the game too lol! Hope I have given you some winning suggestions for your own Super Bowl party!                                                                               


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